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Education, Environmental, & Estate Law Group, LLC

Education, Environmental, & Estate Law Group, LLC Protecting the future



Conservation Easements

Kim and Andrée are passionate about developing conservation easements to protect the geographical and biological resources of client properties all of our great-great-grandchildren and beyond. We carefully craft the conservation easement to reflect our clients' wishes for each portion or potential use of their property.  

Kim and Andrée also serve in an advisory capacity to the NorthWest Land Conservation Trust. 

Other Environmental Law Supports

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About us

Kim and Andrée formed E3 Law Group in 2017 to provide legal counsel on educational, environmental, and estate planning  concerns. Kim and Andrée work with new and old conservation easements to ensure they survive the changing conditions associated with climate change.

Kim was born in Seattle and has lived in several states and in the UK before settling in Oregon in 1996. Kim has been involved in local environmental issues since the early 2000’s when she held a Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP) grant and restored 20 acres of Oak forest in Polk County. Kim has degrees in Speech & Communication and Education and earned her JD from Willamette University, where she was awarded a Certificate in Sustainable Environmental, Energy, and Resources.

Andrée is a native Oregonian with degrees in Biology and Law from University of Oregon. She has worked in the environmental field throughout Oregon and the Midwest, focusing on natural resources and hazardous waste cleanup. In addition to her legal work, she sits on the City of Eugene’s Toxics Right-to-Know Board, and volunteers for ski patrol at Willamette Pass.