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Education, Environmental, & Estate Law Group, LLC

Education, Environmental, & Estate Law Group, LLC

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Supporting parents and caregivers

We support parents and their children  with disabilities who are experiencing difficulty with school districts in designing or implementing special education services or accommodations. 

From attending meetings with the school district  to pursuing due process complaints, we are here to help.

Education services

We can coach you behind the scenes

Because districts will invite their attorney to any meeting to which you bring an attorney and this can delay scheduling your meeting, Kim can  coach you "behind the scenes" on special education  issues. 

We can attend a district meeting with you

Kim can attend a meeting between you and your child's school district, related to special education or accommodations for your child, including evaluation, eligibility, program development, Section 504 plan development, manifestation determination or disciplinary meeting. 

We can represent you in a complaint to the Oregon Department of Education or a request for a due pr

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Coming Soon: Workshop for parents and caregivers: "Understanding the Special Education System

We are developing a one day workshop on "the big picture" for special education and other disability supports. Anticipated date: January 2020. Anticipated cost: $50 per parent or caregiver team (2 persons).



Kim is also conducting preliminary research on a new tool that may effectively  identify children experiencing autism and also serve as a progress monitoring tool. 

We are looking for parents of children aged 6 to 18 who either (1) experience autism; or (2) experience an emotional disturbance; or (3) experience no disabilities. 

The research requires parents to fill out three surveys and will take approximately 2 hours of time.

Please contact Kim at kim.sherman@e3lawgroup.com to learn more and to volunteer. 

Authored by Kim Sherman, available through Amazon:

On the Level: The Autism Spectrum Described In Seven Levels and Twelve Domains

NOTES for Success with Districts

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Education, Environmental, & Estate Law Group, LLC

PO Box 728, Eugene, OR 97440

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